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Rumparooz mintás mosható pelenka külső

Chill Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
6.290 Ft (4.953 Ft + ÁFA)
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt

Beautiful one size nappy cover from the US.

Minta választás

Leírás és Paraméterek

The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Nappy Cover is designed to grow with your baby. Rumparooz Cloth Nappy Covers are generously sized and fit over any fitted or prefold nappy. Covers may be used multiple times before washing. Cover should be placed into the laundry if it becomes soiled. When wet, the Rumparooz Diaper Cover can be wiped dry.


One Size Cover = 4 Sizes in One!


The Rumparooz One Size Nappy Covers have 4 adjustable rise settings that are designed to fit your baby from birth to potty training with 1 cover. Weight range of cover stars at 6 lbs and will fit up to 35+ lbs.




  • One size fits most from 2,7kg up to 16+kg. 4 rise settings.

  • Fastening:snaps

  • Double gusset

  • 100% ecofriendly, waterproof TPU.

  • Made in the USA, Denmark, China.


Wash & care


  • Before first use prewash your nappies on hot wash!

  • Do not use laundry additives such as bleach or borax!

  • Do not iron your nappies!

  • Nappy liner usage is recommended.


Recommended laundry routine:


  1. Cold rinse

  2. Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.

  3. Cool rinse

  4. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.


Some expert tips & tricks to keeping your nappies healthy!


  • Check your home's water heater. It should not be set above 120°F (50°C). You also want to make sure to avoid using the sanitize cycle on your washing machine.

  • Store your dirty nappies in a dry pail or wet bag (it is called a wet bag because this is where wet things can be stored. Do not fill with water). Do not store in a wet pail. Doing so will void your warranty.

  • Do not soak your nappies in water, detergents or additives. Soaking can damage the TPU and elastic of your nappies.

  • When drying, do not dry in direct sunlight. The heat of the sun can damage or fade your nappies. Line drying can wear out your elastic!

  • When stuffing your nappies, wait until they have cooled from drying. Stuffing while warm will prematurely wear out your elastics.

  • Avoid using nappy creams. They might waterproof your diapers and you will end up with leaks. If you absolutely must use a cream, please use a reusable liner to protect your nappies.


Demonstration video:



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